A few questions about Bristol guitar lessons seem to crop up regularly, so here are the answers to those questions!

Questions About Bristol Guitar Lessons and Tuition

Do I need a guitar for my first lesson?
I can provide you with a guitar for your first lesson or two, to see if you enjoy it, but without a guitar of your own you will be unable to progress as a player.

Is it expensive to get my own guitar?
It may be useful to go to a shop, such as the amazingly named PMT (Professional Music Technology, located in central Bristol), to get a feel for the different types of guitar there are to choose from and get some advice in a hands on environment.  

Alternatively, there are a number of great online options that you can buy at the click of a button. As a beginner, there are a range of relatively inexpensive instruments that are perfect for having a go at playing, without breaking the bank. For example, check out this budget acoustic guitar, or this affordable starter guitar on Amazon. Or if you are after an electric guitar check out this beginner's electric guitar kit with amp, or this well priced starter electric guitar. There are also a number of smaller 3/4 size guitars available for younger players.

How much are Bristol guitar lessons?
30 minute lesson: £15.00
60 minute lesson: £25.00

Where do guitar lessons take place?
In my recording studio; 14 Meadow View, Frampton Cotterell, Bristol, BS36 2NG.


How do the video lessons work?

I tend to use WhatsApp video call for video lessons; WhatsApp is free to download and if your phone is connected to the internet in your house the call will be free. You will need access to a computer or iPad during lessons so that we can check out videos on YouTube etc. I tend to send over chord or tab sheets in advance of the lesson and I often send over video clips to illustrate how to strum or pick a song, or to clarify more complex concepts. These short clips are useful for students to refer back to during a week of (many hours of) practice.

Do you teach children?
Yes I teach children, generally from the age of ten upwards. However, if you feel that your son or daughter is the next Hendrix, we could always try starting lessons at a younger age than this.

What styles of guitar do you teach?
I teach both acoustic and electric guitar, and cover most genres of music, including folk, rock, blues and a sprinkling of reggae and funk. I'm experienced at both rhythm and lead guitar playing.

Do you teach people to read music?
I teach all my students to read tab and chord boxes, which is the approach used by most teachers these days. I also encourage students to learn to play by ear, which is one of the most useful skills to develop as a musician.

Am I too old?
No! I had a chap start lessons in his 70s, and he developed some decent blues chops and most importantly he enjoyed himself.

How often do I need a guitar lesson?
Once a week is recommended, but a fortnightly lesson can work well if you are able to put in the practice time between lessons.

How much practice do I need to do?
How good do you want to be? Naturally there is a minimum level required to progress, but you can improve amazingly fast if you are willing to put a lot of time into practicing.

How do I book a lesson?
Either send me an e-mail at chrismcparker@gmail.com (feel free to mention The Bristol Guitar Teacher or Bristol guitar lessons in the title of the e-mail), or call or text me on 07732 069 537.

Cancellation policy
I operate on a 24 hour cancellation policy, whereby you will be required to pay the full price of the lesson if you cancel with less than 24 hours notice.

Chris Parker

14 Meadow View

Frampton Cotterell


BS36 2NG

Guitar lessons for beginners up to more advanced students based in Frampton Cotterell, Coalpit Heath, Winterbourne, Yate, Iron Acton, Bradley Stoke, Stoke Gifford, Emersons Green, Chipping Sodbury, Westerleigh, Nibley and the rest of Bristol.

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